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Aloha! Welcome to Abundantly Blue. 

For any of you who may not already know me, I’m Taylor!


I grew up in the landlocked state of Arkansas but always felt a strong pull towards the coastline. When I got done with college, I immediately moved to Florida. It was there that my love and connection to the ocean truly began to grow and transform. Since that first initial move I have been able to live in some of the most beautiful places, including Hawai’i. I’ve adopted a fully plant-based lifestyle and water has become a true source of abundance in my life.



Something so ordinary, but yet so necessary, has now become the thing my life revolves around. Whether it’s getting in to interact with wildlife, traveling to a new coastal destination, playing in a waterfall, or drinking the very best water I can… it has become an essential component to my happiness.


I am so excited you are here and I am grateful to be able to connect with you and share all I know!

All images © 2015-2019 Taylor Henley

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